Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

If you are in Tanzania for a short visit and don't have time for a Serengeti, Ngorongoro or Lake Manyara, Mikumi National Park is a another option.

It is about 283km west of Dar es Salaam, halfway between Morogoro and Iringa. A good national road connecting Mikumi to Dar es Salaam via Morogoro. About 4 hours drive from Dar es Salaam.

There are a local buses runs from Dar to park HQ where game drives can be arranged.

The park is accessible throughout the year.

There are lodges and camps in the park if you want to overnight or you can check in at the hotel in Morogoro if you prefer.

Here are some pictures to share. This picture I took from my car when I was on the way to Iringa for a site visit. I have to stop and let the girafe cross the road. It was like living in the safari.

Our Cruise Itinerary - Semiramis II

Here I share our daily cruise itinerary for your reference in preparing your travel.

Please note, the itinerary may varies from cruise to cruise and package offered by the tour agent.

Our cruise, Semiramis II starts from Aswan and ends in Luxor for 4 days 3 nights journey.

1130 – Arrives Aswan Airport from Cairo
1200 – 1430 – Tour High Dam and Philae Temple (Slightly different than our package due to miscommunication between tour guide in Cairo and Aswan)
1500 – 1530 - Checks in Nile Cruise, Semiramis II
1530 – 1630 – Enjoy some snacks provided by the cruise (special request because we missed our lunch)
1630 – 1800 – Tour Aswan town. This was outside the package since no activities arranged on that afternoon. In Aswan, you can find gifts and souvenir shop not to far from river bank where the cruises dock, about 5 to 10 minutes walk. There is also Mac Donald by the river bank.
1800 – 1930 – Relax and enjoy Nile river view from deck
1930 – 2100 – Dinner provided by the cruise (Part of the package)
2100 – 2330 – Nubian party joints with other performances

0700 – Wake up call
0800 – 1000 – Breakfast
1000 – 1130 – Felucca sailing
1130 – 1300 – Relax, own activities
1300 – 1400 – Lunch
1400 – 1730 - Sailing to Kom Ombo
1730 – 1830 – Tour Kom Ombo Temple (It was more than 100 cruises docked with thousand of tourist visiting Kom Ombo)
1830 – Continue sailing to Edfu
1930 – 2100 – Dinner
2100 – 0000 – DJ in the Bar, dance floor open

0600 – Wake up call
0700 – 0900 - Tour Edfu temple. Took horse carriage riding to Edfu temple
0900 – Continue sailing to Luxor
0900 – 1000 – Breakfast
1200 – 1300 – Passing the Esna water lock
1300 – 1400 – Lunch
1600 – 1630 – Tea time
1730 – Arrived Luxor. According to plan, we should tour Luxor temple but we took city tour instead. It was also outside the package. Paid 100LE for the taxi, we went to gifts and souvenir shops then dinner at Pizza Hut.
2100 – Back to cruise
2130 – 2330 - Belly Dance and Tanoura

0700 – Wake up call
0800 – 0900 – Breakfast
0900 – 1100 – Tour Valley of the kings
1100 – 1300 – Tour Karnak Temple
1300 – 1430 – Tour Luxor Temple
1430 – 1500 - Back to Cruise and check out
1500 – 1600 – Boat ride (A compliments from our tour guide, Badawi. Thanks)
1600 – To Luxor airport for a flight to Cairo.

** Please note drinks are not included in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinking water and soda drinks cost around 9LE each. We spent about 300LE in the cruise for 5 of us including tips.
** If you travel with kids, make sure you bring swimming costums and something for them to play. Otherwise they will get really bored.
** Something to munch also important. No grocery shop in cruise. You can only get drinks from the bar.

Tanoura Dance in Semiramis II (Video )

As promised, enjoy Tanoura Dance, one of the entertainment in the Semiramis II Nile Cruise.